Spotlight On Sarens In Uzbekistan: New Opportunities For Heavy Lifting

25 August 2022


Sarens Uzbekistan ready to seize new opportunities in developing market.

This month, Sarens shines the spotlight on Uzbekistan, a country where the industrial and

construction industries are in the early stages of realizing their full potential. Within this high-potential setting, Sarens Uzbekistan is well-positioned to provide quality lifting and engineering services across the country and to seize new opportunities as they develop.

Today, the local crane market in Uzbekistan consists of small cranes with capacities of up to 100 tonnes, most of them privately owned by individuals. While this makes it difficult to compete on price, the lack of heavy cranes within the country also means that Sarens has more opportunities to help customers with larger lifting and engineering projects.

Such projects are already starting up, and Sarens is in direct contact with contract holders for major operations. For instance, Sarens recently deployed seven cranes to perform lifts at a Tashkent city power plant project, completing additional jacking and skidding work to help the client successfully install generators.

Currently, Sarens’ fleet and product portfolio in Uzbekistan includes:

  • 9 cranes (2 x 30T, 1 x 60T, 1 x 70T, 1 x 80T, 3 x 100T, and 1 x 220T)
  • 4 manlifts
  • 1 forklift

Sarens will also be bringing two 600T crawler cranes from Kazakhstan to perform a contracted job within the country. As Sarens Uzbekistan secures more projects, it plans to bring more suitable cranes into the local market.

Currently, Sarens is engaged in discussions about future windmill projects that would require transportation and installation work beginning in 2023, as well as upcoming power plant construction projects in Syrdarya and Nukus. We look forward to seeing how Sarens Uzbekistan continues to grow and serve clients in this emerging region!


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