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Bauma: What’s in store for cranes and specialized transport?
Crane and specialized transport manufacturers are revealing their latest launches to feature at Bauma 2022
Comansa to unveil its first hydraulic luffing jib crane at Bauma
The Spanish manufacturer says the machine can “improve the productivity and efficiency of the construction machinery sector”
Palfinger hydraulic equipment for electric trucks
Electric trucks are on their way and loader crane manufacturer Palfinger is adapting in partnership with ZF and Mercedes-Benz Trucks
LGH UK invests in 520 tonne hydraulic cylinders
With UK infrastructure output rising, rental firm’s new high-capacity cylinders will target bridge sector
New pumps from Enerpac
Manufacturer introduces a new series of hydraulic pumps, plus a cordless dump and hold pump
Hydra-Slide systems combine for machine U-turn
Yu Sin Engineering Work Pte Ltd utilized a Hydra-Slide hydraulic skidding system and TT900-10 engineered turntable to rotate a tunnel-boring machine.
Barnhart hauls generator cross country
Barnhart wins SC&RA Job of the Year for Trucking 160,000 to 500,000 pounds.
Bridge removal project overcomes challenges
Emmert International wins SC&RA Job of the Year for Rigging under $150,000 to $750,000 dollars.
Enerpac wins contract to build a Rotor Removal System
International high-pressure hydraulics company Enerpac has been awarded a contract from S.T. Cotter Turbine Services to build a customised Rotor Removal System