“Dreamy” application for Shuttlelift

19 March 2008

A Shuttlelift ISL70 lifts and transports a wing section of the new Boeing's 787 commercial jetliner

A Shuttlelift ISL70 lifts and transports a wing section of the new Boeing's 787 commercial jetliner

Shuttlelift has delivered a model ISL70 to Boeing Corp. in Everett, WA. The ISL70, which was custom engineered and manufactured for Boeing, is being used in the assembly of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, its latest commercial jetliner.

The new ISL70 is being operated solely within the confines of the plant. For this reason, the first modification made to the machine was the conversion to propane of the General Motors 8.1 liter gas engine, to reduce harmful exhaust emissions in the enclosed environment.

In addition, the four hoist drums, mounted on the lower side beams, were modified. Each hoist can be moved independently, improving the positioning of the payload. This is of particular significance when handling irregular components, such as the wing sections, the company said.

There was no need for a cab because the machine is being operated by a radio remote control. Steering modes include 4-wheel drive/4-wheel steering. By selecting the crab steering function, the machine can be steered 90° without changing directional positioning. The finalmodifications included painting the unit in Boeing's corporate colors.

At a height of 45 feet, the ISL70 is unusually dwarfed by its surroundings - the huge Boeing plant, which at 472 million cubic feet, is acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest building in the world by volume. The facility was needed to manufacture the jetliner, the first of which is scheduled to enter service in May 2008. Modules that make up the Dreamliner are being manufactured in Japan, Italy and the United States before being? own to the plant in Everett for final assembly.

“We were delighted to be part of this truly global project,”said Dan Reinholtz, Shuttlelift gantry manager. “We were able to accommodate all of Boeing's requirements and manufacture the ISL70 to exact specifications.”


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