'Man-Down' alarm now available

24 April 2008

Cattron Group International is offering its 'Man-Down' alarm feature on radio remote control systems for overhead cranes and other industrial machinery. The alarm is a backup safety feature designed to activate automatically if an operator falls or becomes incapacitated. It works using a tilt switch in the remote control's transmitter. If the transmitter remains tilted for more than five seconds, an emergency shutdown of the controlled crane or machinery will be initiated.

At the same time, the Man-Down Alarm function generates a synthesized voice distress message broadcast via a user-supplied two-way radio on the equipment being controlled over a plant or facility-wide communication network. The distress message is repeated until the alarm is manually reset or for a maximum of 10 minutes.

As an added feature of the alarm function, the broadcast distress message includes a call-sign indicating which transmitter the alarm is coming from. This is particularly useful where there are multiple remote control systems or if the application requires two operators, each with a transmitter. In the case of certain overhead traveling crane applications, a pitch-and-catch function allows two operators to transfer control of the crane between each other, typically in situations where it would be unsafe and inefficient for one operator to accompany the load for the entire move. The call-sign identification provides immediate indication of which operator has caused the alarm.

The Man-Down Alarm is a standard feature on Cattron radio remote controls for locomotive applications and compliments other built-in safety features to help ensure safe, secure operation of the controlled equipment. The alarm will be offered as an option on new remote control systems and as a retrofit option on some existing ones.


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