Acquisition and strategic partnership for DICA

18 March 2020

Iowa, USA-headquartered outrigger pad, crane pad, and cribbing block manufacturer DICA used the ConExpo 2020 trade show in Las Vegas to announce it is acquiring USA-based sling protection company Linton Rigging Gear Supplies.

Linton Rigging Gear Supplies is well known for its edge protectors which are designed to prevent sling damage and potential failure caused by sharp corners or load edges, thus aiding compliance with ASME B30.9 and OSHA 29 CFR 1926.251(c)(9) regulations. According to DICA, the edge protectors also increase D/d ratios thus preserving sling capacity around corners.

Made of solid nylon, the edge protectors are 1/7th the weight of steel and are avaible with Velcro straps to ensure slings stay in place. The patented edge protectors attach to metal surfaces with magnets, requiring no tools to install.


The edge protector will be part of DICA’s product portfolio on completion of its acquisition of Linton Rigging Gear Supplies 

Linton Rigging Gear Supplies was founded by Ray Linton and his wife Patty nearly 20 years ago. They ran the company together and are now ready to retire. “We are glad the legacy of our work will continue under the care of DICA,” said Linton, who will serve in a consulting role with DICA to provide product support through the transition.


DICA had two booth locations at ConExpo 2020 to provide easier access to contractors who use cranes, truck-mounted aerials, digger derricks, and concrete pumping equipment

“Ray Linton’s design was a revolutionary concept when he introduced nylon sling protectors to the rigging industry,” commented Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA. “Linton’s engineered products are designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and improve safety and productivity. These are the type of qualities customers expect from all DICA products,” said Koberg.


Kris Koberg (left) and Ray Linton on the DICA stand at ConExpo 2020 

Also sharing a stand with DICA at ConExpo was Ohio, USA-headquartered large-format structural products company Axion Structural Innovations. Its products are used to replace hardwood in the construction, heavy lift, transportation, marine, and railroad industries.

The two companies shared stand space following an agreement to establish a strategic partnership designed to bring engineered matting products to crane users in the heavy lift market. According to DICA , the two companies’ values and products share common benefits for users, with each using engineered materials designed to provide benefits over traditional wood products. The companies’ engineered materials produce reliable and consistent performance properties in products that have an extremely long life, DICA claimed.

“AXION has world class engineering, product development, and manufacturing capabilities. They have a proven track record in the highly regulated railroad industry and have developed excellent products for building access roads, crane work platforms, and laydown yards,” Koberg commented. “Axion’s construction and heavy-duty mats complement DICA’s product line, and our vision to provide engineered foundation solutions for all equipment.”

Allen Kronstadt, Axion’s executive chairman, added, “DICA impressed us with its comprehensive and engineered product line, technical leadership in the industry, brand strength, and overall integrity. By providing performance-driven products that outlast and outperform wood alternatives, both companies are solving safety problems in areas where wood products perform inconsistently. DICA and Axion are a natural fit and complement each other.”


Axion and DICA have formed a partnership designed to bring engineered matting products to crane users in the heavy lift market. 
Pictured are Axion Struxure heavy-duty composite mats (in 7” x 45” x 16 ft. size, weighing 1,800 lbs) in use.


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