18 March 2008

This year's SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop promises to be among the most engaging industry events of the year. Crane and rigging industry professionals are sure to be intrigued by the line up of speakers and topics at the three-day workshop which will be held September 20-22, at the Westin Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City. The schedule of events includes expert speakers, topical educational and break-out sessions, committee meetings, an Exhibit Center and a review of the 2007 Jobs of the Year, plus much more.

The opening session, “Safety 24/7,” will be presented by Bo Brasher, an executive with Results in Learning, which specializes in providing behavior-based safety, leadership and intercultural diplomacy for organizations and companies operating in high risk environments. Brasher will discuss safety in the context of reducing on-the-job incidents in order to remain competitive. Participants will discover how to build a behavior-based safety culture in which individuals take personal responsibility for safety resulting in reduced accidents, injuries and related expenses.

Loss prevention and accident avoidance are the topic of discussion at “Near Misses

– Lessons Learned,” a workshop session led by Phil Hooper of Southern Industrial Constructors and Terry Young of Construction Safety Experts. Reporting and tracking “near misses” is an important element of creating and implementing a safety culture.

“How to develop a rigging planning checklist” will be led by Bill Smith of NBIS Construction and Transport Underwriters, which administers SC&RA's member insurance and risk management program. Smith will help participants answer such important questions as: Are rigging planning checklists necessary? How do you implement a rigging planning checklist? Also, how can use of a rigging checklist affect your company's safety and productivity?

A panel of industry experts will discuss “Navigating Crane Rental Agreements,” an important discussion that will help companies determine what to look for when negotiating crane rental agreements and how to restructure or update existing crane rental contracts. The moderator of this session is Kevin Cunningham of NBIS Construction and Transport, and panelists include Harry Baker of Southwest Industrial Rigging, Delynn Burkhalter of Burkhalter Rigging, Robert Hileman of United Crane & Rigging Company and Robert Moore and Bill Smith of NBIS Construction and Transport Underwriters.

Market up

If you want to still be in business 20 years from now, marketing is critical for your company's growth. To determine where your company is on the life cycle curve, be sure to attend “Leveraging Your Success through Marketing.” Presented by Andy Patron of FMI Corporation, this seminar will cover marketing versus sales; how to stay competitive in today's market; and how to organize your marketing and sales plans to capture your markets.

“New Developments in the Gantry Industry” will cover a wide spectrum of topics in gantry technologies and equipment. Presented by representatives of leading gantry manufacturers, the panel will address the various types of equipment currently on the market, their capabilities, applications and plans for the future. Even if your company doesn't currently use gantries, this session is worth attending to discover the capabilities of this specialty lifting equipment. Moderator is Randall Goddard of Atlas Industrial Contractors, and panel members include Ben Forster of Riggers Manufacturing, Kevin Johnston of J&R Engineering, Brian Wagner of Lift Systems and Craig Welch of Bigge Crane & Rigging.

Two breakout sessions at the workshop include “Risk Management for Cranes” and “The Critical Role of Operations in Building Long-term Relationships.” Presented by John Davis of Crane Certification Association of America, the risk management session will explore hidden risks, safety regulations, operator competence, risk control and defensibility from the crane owner's/user's point of view. Davis will describe a wide variety of details that are frequently overlooked in dayto-day operations. Included are suggested checklists that can help the crane manager maintain control of risks. Hosted by Andy Patron of FMI Corp., the session on building long-term relationships will explain the life cycle of customer-client relationships and how each element can be used to translate into future business.

Crane set-up

There are two additional break-out sessions. “Proper Crane Set Up,” presented by Robert Hileman of United Crane & Rigging Company and Earl Johnson, III, of Southern Crane. In this session, learn the elements of proper crane set-up such as ground conditions, assembly, and much more. The session will cover crawler, tower and all-terrain cranes.

“Proper Methods and Operations of Platform Trailers in the Rigging Industry” is presented by Jim Yates of Barnhart Crane & Rigging. Yates will discuss the use of platform trailers on the jobsite and how to determine if they are appropriate for the job at hand. Also, he will address the various applications and advantages of platform trailers in today's industry.

Last day

The last educational session will be held Saturday morning, and the topic is an important one to all attendees. “Resolving Problems & Disputes on a Construction Project” will be presented by Jeffrey B. Rosen of Polsinelli Shalton Flanigan Suelthaus PC. Rosen will provide superintendents and general foremen the tools necessary to effectively manage unexpected problems throughout the project.

Aside from the topical educational offerings, the workshop will provide opportunities for marketing your firm's services as well as valuable networking events, breakfasts and evening receptions. First timers don't miss the reception in your honor on Thursday evening.

The annual Crane & Rigging Exhibit Center will be held on Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with lunch provided. The always popular Exhibit Center gives participants the opportunity to observe new products and services available in the industry.


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