ALL adds Manac trailers

04 September 2014

A steel flatbed trailer from trailer manufacturer Manac

A steel flatbed trailer from trailer manufacturer Manac

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. added 108 new Manac trailers to its fleet. Of the 108, 104 have galvanized steel decks for reduced maintenance and resistance to chips, scratches and wear, particularly corrosion caused by road salt and brine.

The company estimates these trailers will remain a vital part of its fleet for three times longer than regular painted trailers. “That’s a significant life-cycle upgrade,” said John Bacci, logistics director, ALL Family of Companies. “This durability will make a positive impact for our northern branches that endure brutal winters, but also for branches in the Gulf region, where ocean air can really corrode metal.”

The order includes 100 step-deck trailers, including 50 45-foot units with close tandem wheels, which are ideal for accompanying the company’s taxi crane fleet to job sites. Taxi cranes require greater mobility and maneuverability and are meant especially for city work.

Another 50 of the Manac trailers were 48-foot spread axle units. These are preferred for longer hauls and heavier loads. “With these spread axle units, we can get 20,000 pounds per axle anywhere in the United States, so long as we don’t exceed a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds for the entire load,” said Bacci.


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