Amco Veba adds 40 tonne-metre models

articulating crane fully extended Amco Veba’s New Generation series models span an outreach range from 8 to almost 21 metres

Manufacturer Amco Veba has added five models to its 40 tonne-metre rated New Generation Line of articulating boom cranes.

Maximum outreach is from 8.02 to 20.90 metres achieved with between two and eight boom extension sections and a 10 metre jib (not available on the NG C short boom version).

Of the five new models, two have continuous slewing while the other three have rack and pinion type slewing. The New Generation Line models are built on a new dedicated crane assembly line in Poviglio, Italy.

Davide Catellani, a business director at Amco Veba, said, “We are proud to add this new range of 40 tonne-metre cranes to our New Generation Line. It ensures high performance, maximum efficiency and a high level of reliability, together with a wide range of innovative features and a variety of accessories and attachments, making these cranes ideally suited to many applications from construction to logistics; oil and gas to mining, and maintenance to rental.”

The new models start at the 40 tonne-metre 941 NG Basic, with 430 degree rack and pinion slewing and a double linkage. Next is the 40 tonne-metre short boom 941 NG C Basic version, also with 430 degree rack and pinion slewing and a double linkage. The 44 tonne-metre 944 NG Proportional adds the Super Amco Veba Power System (Super AVPS) to 430 degree rack and pinion slewing and a double linkage.

First of the continuous slewing models is the 40 tonne-metre VR41 NG Basic with double linkage. The 44 tonne-metre VR 44 NG Proportional adds the Super AVPS.

Additional features
Other features of New Generation models include articulated outrigger feet, hydraulic hoses running inside the outrigger beams for protection against damage, the Sprint Generation System (SGS) to extend extensions more quickly, and the Soft Descent Drive (SDD) function for less oscillation when closing the crane.

A centralised greasing system is also fitted to help simplify maintenance.

The Magic Touch (MT) function allows one-touch deployment of the crane from the transport position and the same in reverse for stowing the crane. Dynamic Load Diagram (DLD) allows verification of capacity according to the stability of the truck. DLD Simulator shows the available working area and what capacity can be achieved according to outrigger placement.

An option in some markets is the Connect 4.0 designed to increase customer efficiency via an internet connection to cloud data storage of historical use and service information.

Black articulating crane on a green truck Amco Veba’s New Generation series of five new models in the 40 tonne-metre class

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