AMCS to preview telematics system

02 April 2019

In addition to its top of the range DCS 60 (Driving Control System) AMCS will show its new collision avoidance and zoning system, the DCS 61-S, (Driving Control System Safety). It manages tower cranes working together and features include three essential functions of anti-collision, zoning and data display and logging.

AMCS DCS 61-S (1)

Shown is a screen view of the new DCS 61-S collision avoidance system for tower cranes from AMCS Technologies.

AMCS will preview its own telematics system called IoT Lifting. A SIM card fitted to the DCS 61-S can be used to collect data on each crane at a web portal. This data includes records of when the crane is powered, in motion, left to weathervane and so on. Statistics can be produced from the data to indicate how much time is spent working, hoisting and how much load. The primary aim is to increase efficiency.



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