Caldwell adds RUD ROV hooks to inventory

Access to ROV hooks is important to major subsea, and oil and gas contractors for utilization in multi-million-dollar projects to handle valuable loads in hazardous environments, often many miles offshore and up to water depths of 10,000 feet. The Caldwell Group has added remotely operated vehicle (ROV) hooks from RUD to its in-stock program. The hooks, available in 10-ton and 25-ton capacity, are supplied through Caldwell’s dealer network, primarily for use in underwater applications in the Gulf Coast region.

LiftPull’s Ruben Delgadillo (left) and Oscar Richerson with a larger (25t) remotely

The hooks can be used by major contractors, like Oceaneering International, to install long baseline transponder frames, rigid M-shape jumpers and associated subsea distribution hardware, for example. Users must eliminate the risk of dropped objects, especially when passing through the water interface and provide a user-friendly subsea solution.

The RUD ROV hooks can be operated by all commonly used ROV manipulators, including the grabber. The hook eliminates the risk of snagging and accidental rigging; the outer profile is smooth with no protruding hook nose. The outwardly opening safety latch, which can be operated by a single manipulator, automatically closes when the ROV releases the triggers, and it is securely locked in closed position. 

“Just like every other market segment, when someone needs it, they need it now,” said Jay Schroeder, western sales manager, Caldwell. “Many times, you can’t anticipate when you have a failure or an emergent need, and it is important to keep the job running. Overall, it is important we have these hooks in stock. The equipment our ROV hooks are lifting is often worth well over a million [dollars].”


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