casual factors

17 April 2008


• Were there defects in crane, rigging or equipment?

• Was a hazardous condition reported?

•Was there an equipment inspection procedure?

• Did the procedure detect the hazardous condition?

• Was the correct crane/equipment used?

• Was the correct crane/equipment available?


•Was their sufficient space?

• Did soil conditions affect this accident?

•Did wind or water conditions affect the operation of the crane?

• Were environmental conditions a contributor?


• Did job conditions anticipate the factors that contributed to the accident?

• Did the crane operator know?

• Was the operator mentally and physically capable of performing the job?

• Did the crane operator deviate from known job procedures?


• Was there a failure by supervision to detect or correct operator or

• equipment deviation from procedures?

• Was there a failure to initiate corrective action?

• Did a supervisor review the task?

• Was there a failure by supervision to detect, anticipate or report a hazardous condition?


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