Category: Rigging Job between $150,000 and $750,000

18 April 2008

Scholpp Montage GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, moved and positioned 160 exhibits into the new Mercedes-Benz Motor Heritage Museum in Stuttgart. The exhibits ranged from lightweight items such as a 176 pound racecar engine, to cars, trucks, planes and boats weighing as much as 40,000 pounds.

The curvy building's unique architectural features presented special challenges. The six levels inside are a continuous single surface with slowly sloping ramps winding through the building. Scholpp had to cope with stipulated floor loads of only 72 pounds per square foot and limited clearances.

To protect floor surfaces, Scholpp used carpet and plywood, forklifts with white tires, and disposable shoes. Electric power lifting and transport devices eliminated fumes. Equipment included a hydraulic scissor-lift, a lift-basket on scissor-lift, an air-film transport system, and four hooks powered by electric winches to lift baskets. Scholpp safely completed the project without damaging the building or any of the exhibits, using only 6,980 hours of the 7,820 hours budgeted for the project.


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