CICB introduces on-line assessment testing

04 March 2008

A demonstration of the program can be viewed in English or Spanish at

A demonstration of the program can be viewed in English or Spanish at

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau, (CICB) has unveiled online assessment testing for crane operators and riggers. The new program is an amalgamation of efforts by some of the best crane and lifting instructors in the industry, according to CICB. A demonstration of the program can be viewed in English or Spanish at

“We have created an environment where you can test your existing or potential employees to determine the scope of knowledge that they have in various areas of operations and standards,” said Andrea Williams at CICB. “Regardless of the amount of experience that an operator or rigger has, our assessment testing can give you an accurate picture of the level of knowledge of each individual. The objective of these assessments is to provide your organization with an easy-to-use tool to measure the competency of your existing and potentialriggers and operators; it is not intended to take the place of the training and certification process.”

The company created a database of questions divided into 17 separate categories covering everything from load charts to standards, communications, responsibilities, planning, rigging, and safety. The questions were developed keeping in mind the level of education, background and experience of the majority of operators and riggers that are in today's lifting industry, she said.

CICB offers two online tests. The Mobile Crane Operator with Rigging Assessment (MCORA) has 100 questions from all the 17 categories. The second test, Rigger Assessment (RA), contains 70 questions from 12 categories that apply to rigger knowledge.

To assure that each test given has the same difficulty, randomization was employed so that each person taking an assessment test will get a test covering the same areas of knowledge, without getting the same questions or in the same order. This method prevents cheating and, for additional security, the assessment is administered in a proctored environment. Results are broken down by category so employers can see any areas of weakness in an individual or in a team and determine where training is needed, according to Williams.


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