Coilhandler slings and corner protectors

19 March 2008

Cargo damage and long discharge times often limit productivity with different types of heavy slings. Lift-It offers Twin-Path Extra Slings (K-Spec HP Fiber and Covermax Tube) and Dyneema Heavy Duty Sleeves that are lightweight and flexible, weighing only 21 pounds, according to the company. The slings are 10 times lighter than comparable “heavy” metal slings, and there is no need to fish hook to pull the sling through the coil. Lift-It Coilhandler slings make inspection simple due to the patented Twin-Path Sling Inspection Systems: Tattle Tails, Fiber Optics or Check Fast. If red yarns in the heavy duty sleeve are visible, that means the sling should not be used.

Additionally, the company says Coilhandlers are repairable for a fraction of the original cost.

If the Dynemma sleeve is damaged, it can be returned for evaluation and repair. An additional safety feature, the Coilhandler must be returned for factory inspection after 500 uses.

Curved and slotted protectors are also now available from Lift-It. The diameter for the curved model and/or flange dimensions for the slotted model must be specified. Magnetic corner protectors are “protection rated” at 12,500 PSI and can be used at temperatures from -20 degrees F (-29 degrees C) to 220 degrees F (104 degrees C). The magnets are designed to keep the protector from falling from metallic loads and are not intended to prevent the protector or sling from sliding. Visit for more information.


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