18 April 2008

Open communication between levels of management and all employees creates a broader line of communication and an open atmosphere to discuss safety issues. An environment that promotes and respects safety develops. Additional tips for establishing better communication in the work place are:

• employees informed regarding management decisions. They will feel like they are part of the team and more likely to inform supervisors of jobsite hazards or other safety concerns.

•Be quick to praise employees and encourage those first steps toward participating and thinking about safety first.

•Demonstrate that on-the-job safety is a concern for the well-being of employees, that all supervisors and employees' values are the heart of the safety program, and that workers should value their own safety and their co-workers' safety. Employees will appreciate the effort management is putting forth to create a safe working environment. The employees at high risk are the employees working on your projects. Be sure they get your message.


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