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07 March 2008

The new CCDOCK charging system, used with OMNEX Controls T110C transmitter, will be on display at Co

The new CCDOCK charging system, used with OMNEX Controls T110C transmitter, will be on display at ConExpo

OMNEX Control Systems is set to introduce its new CCDOCK contact-less charging system for use with its T110C transmitter at the upcoming ConExpo-Con/Agg event in March. The system enables users to charge the transmitter without the use of any electrical contacts. The T110C transmitter is a hand- held remote control that uses the company's wireless technology for operation of auxiliary functions for truck-mounted cranes, tow trucks, utility trucks, vacuum trucks, line pumps, service cranes, mixer trucks, material handling equipment, vehicle trailers, marine, small machines, tools and a wide variety of other machines.

The design of the CCDOCK eliminates the need for mechanical contacts through the use of magnetic induction to charge the batteries. A coiled electro-magnet is located inside the charger, which once powered, creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field interacts with the electro-magnet located inside the T110C transmitter to induce a current and thus charge the batteries. Sensors are also installed in the system in order to detect the specific type of batteries used in the transmitter. The CCDOCK can detect the difference between NiMH and NiCd batteries and will charge the batteries accordingly.

New features to the charger include light indicators and an optional alarm to notify the operator if the transmitter is not in the dock when the vehicle is set in motion. This is designed to prevent an operator from forgetting the transmitter on the jobsite. To help conserve vehicle battery power, a low power mode is also integrated into the product. If the vehicle's battery drops below 10 V, the charger will automatically shift to a trickle charge.


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