Denzai and FTE in Saudi joint venture

Denzai and FTE Logistics people lined up at signing ceremony Signing ceremony held in Dubai, UAE, on 12 February to mark the establishment of the new joint-venture company. Photo: Denzai

Specialist lifting and logistics companies Denzai from Japan and FTE from Saudi Arabia have set up a new joint venture company.

The new heavy lifting, port logistics and transport company was set up as a 50:50 JV by Denzai KK (Japan) local subsidiary Denzai Arabia Co and Fawaz Ali Alshammari Co (FTE). A signing ceremony was held on 12 February in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to mark the new company’s establishment.

Kohki Uemura, CEO at Denzai KK Kohki Uemura, CEO at Denzai, addressing delegates at the World Crane and Transport Summit in Singapore, October 2023. Photo: KHL

Commenting on his new venture Kohki Uemura, Denzai KK chief executive officer, said, “The establishment of this joint venture with FTE Logistics, which has more than 25 years of experience in heavy lifting in Saudi Arabia, will enable us to provide integrated construction services in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, from port transportation to installation work at project sites. In this country, large-scale projects are underway to break away from dependence on oil, and we hope to contribute to the optimisation of these projects by combining the management resources of the Denzai Group and FTE Logistics.”

World-class service provision

For his part Fawaz Alshammari, FTE chief executive, said, “The JV with Denzai, an international leader in wind farm and power plant installation, will enable the two companies to provide a world class service to the regional market. By teaming up with Denzai, FTE believe we can elevate the service standards within the industry.”

Denzai Arabia Co was set up in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, in 2023, since when the company said it has received many inquiries about constructing wind turbines, crane and heavy lifting operations in the region. “By establishing a 50:50 joint venture with FTE, a major local port and heavy lifting company, we will be able to provide a stable supply of high value-added services,” Denzai said.

FTE was set up more than 25 years ago and among its clients are Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company, plus many in the specialized transportation industry.

The JV is due to be completed by June 2024.


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