New blue and white Tadano AC 4.110-1 all terrain crane Tadano AC 4.110-1 is an update of the ATF-100-4.1 on four axles with a new 60 metre boom

Mobile crane manufacturer Tadano has updated another two all terrain cranes.

The announcement follows last month’s news of the upgraded 70 tonne capacity model on a four axle carrier.

Further up the capacity scale but still on four axles, the new AC 4.110-1 replaces the ATF-100-4.1. The 110 tonner’s new 60 metre boom is stronger, giving more capacity, Tadano said, with no increase in overall weight. The five-axle AC 5.120-1 replaces the ATF-120-5.1. It has the same new 60 metre boom as the AC 4.110-1.

New blue and white Tadano AC 5.120-1 all terrain crane Tadano AC 5.120-1 is an update of the ATF-120-5.1 announced on 4 August 2021

Tadano said the changes to the cranes are much more than a shift to the new nomenclature of a standardised naming system. Both the latest updated models can lift 10 tonnes with the main boom fully extended, which corresponds to a lifting capacity increase of 37 per cent over their predecessors, Tadano said.

The new longer boom gives a larger work area, smaller minimum radius, greater lifting height, and the 82 degree maximum boom angle allows work closer to the crane.

Power for these updated models(including the 70 tonner announced last month) is from a 340 kW Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA diesel engine to EU Stage V for the carrier, driving via a ZF TraXon 12.1 transmission. In the superstructure is a smaller, 129 kW, Mercedes-Benz OM 934 LA diesel engine to EU Stage V for crane operation.

Another feature of the five-axle AC 5.120-1 is its ability to achieve a 10 tonne per axle loading for day to day operation.

Both the AC 4.110-1 and AC 5.120-1 also have an updated main boom extension of 3.7 metres or 10.1 to 31.9 metres. It is simpler and quicker to set up, the manufacturer said. The existing main boom extensions, including a runner, will also continue to be available. Both versions now offer a reduced minimum radius in the 0° position.

For operation in the USA the AC 5.120-1 is offered with a modified wheelbase so it conforms to US approval regulations.

New blue and white Tadano AC 5.120-1 all terrain crane Tadano AC 5.120-1

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