Double wireless tech launch from Autec

Autec's LIFT handheld remote control system Autec’s LIFT handheld remote control system

Specialist wireless equipment manufacturer Autec has launched both a new remote control system range for industrial lifting applications and a new camera system for site operations. 

Suitable for use with “most types of overhead cranes, jibs, hoists and winches, the Italy-based firm’s new LIFT handheld remote control devices use a bluetooth connection to communicate with the lifting equipment. 

The LIFT T4, T6 and T8 models, which are approved for use in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and China, offer 4, 6 and 8 dual-depression buttons respecitvely, and include four LED indicator lights that display the lifting equipment’s current settings.

Available in either single-use battery or rechargeable battery versions, each LIFT handheld unit is uniquely coded and can be connected to specific machines by both users and OEMs alike, using the manufacturer’s free My LIFT Autec smartphone app.   

Primary features of the devices include multi-function commands, a 75m working area and general safe stop and emergency stop functions.

All models in the range also incorporate a restricted access feature that requires operates to input either PIN code or use a contactless T-key. This prevents the remote control from being used by authorised persons. 

Alongside the remote control devices, the company has also launched its new Autec Vision System (AVS), which provides users with a live video feed on their portable station.

Autec AVS on a portable remote control station The Autec Vision System provides users with a live video feed on their portable station.

Designed to be used with the company’s Dynamic+P series of cableless control systems and its 4”3 displays, AVS comprises a power and acquisition unit, an access point for wi-fi network broadcasting and up to four video cameras. 

Together, they capture the application being carried out, providing up to two colour video feeds simultaneously.

Autec said, “The 100% configurability of this viewing system’s graphic color interface is what makes it the only one of its kind on the market.

“Its overlapping function means that the video camera images, data, and any messages or alarms can be configured to appear simultaneously on the display.

“This significant advantage allows operators to control all machine parameters, ensuring precise machine movements while observing any obstacles.”


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