Effer’s new high capacity and high tech crane

large yellow Effer loader crane by Hiab New Effer iQ.950 HP loader crane from Hiab. Photo: Cargotec

Manufacturer Hiab has launched a large, heavy range loader crane rated at 90 tonne-metres under its Effer brand.

The multi-purpose iQ.950 HP has the 12-sided V12-Power boom profile and new SPACEevo control system.

SPACEevo can allow an increase in lifting capacity with the Variable Stability Logic-plus (VSL+) function that includes the load as part of the stabilisation setup. The Dynamic Load Chart (DLC-S) reduces the time it takes to configure the stabilisation setup.

The new crane also has the new CombiDrive4 remote control from Olsbergs. Functions include adjustable operating speed and Confirmed View, a safety feature that detects if the operator is in a suitable position to be able to see the stabilisers as they open.

Lifting more and further

“The new Effer models provide our customers with efficient loader cranes that increase both payload capacity and lifting performance, thanks to our engineering and technological advancements. They offer the same performance as bigger models but can be installed on smaller and more cost-conscious trucks. This is another milestone to cope with our customer demand to reduce CO2 emissions and enhance their operations in urban areas,” said Marcel Boxem, Hiab vice president, sales and product management, loader cranes heavy and super heavy.

Parts and controls on the new model are shared with other iQ. and iX. range cranes. It helps with operator familiarity to use different models and reduces the spare parts stock holding.


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