Electric Sennebogen port crane used in Turkey

03 February 2021

Turkish stevedoring company Kalkavan Liman Hizmetleri (Kalkavan) has been using a Sennebogen 9300 E mobile harbour crane at Port Limak, Turkey since 2019. The crane has been used to handle everything from general cargo and bulk goods to containers.

The 9300 E is driven by a 615 kW electric motor and has an a load capacity of 90 tonnes at a 19 metre jib length. It has an operating weight of approximately 290 t and moves on 56 tyres mounted on 14 axles.

Kalkavan’s Sennebogen 9300 E handles up to 1,200 t of grain per hour at the port of Iskenderun, Turkey

The crane has a jib length of 41 m and a reach depth of around 20 m inside ships. It is equipped with a four-rope grab system enabling it to unload bulk carriers up to Post-Panamax size.

The two 45 t winches and all drive components are placed in the machine house, which slews within the area of the support base to prevent collisions.

Fully elevated the operator’s cab is 21.2 m high – enabling the operator to see into the ship

The crane has a star-shaped mobile undercarriage which Sennebogen says increases the crane’s stability. A motorised cable reel is also mounted on the undercarriage with a cable which supplies the machine with power. It enables the crane to travel up to 370 m.

The 9300 E is driven by a 615 kW electric motor. The motor’s cable reel is also mounted on the undercarriage. It enables the crane to travel up to 370 m

When Kalkavan took possession of the crane, it needed it to serve two additional quays at the port. Sennebogen’s sales and service partner in Turkey, Forsen Machinery, developed a suitable mobility concept including an additional diesel generator, the Sennebogen Powerpack, for short distance mobility. Sennebogen said this makes it easy to disconnect the power supply to the undercarriage and reposition the machine with the Powerpack’s drive.

The 9300 E has a port cab which can be elevated by 11 metres. In its lowest position, the operator accesses the cab via just a few steps. In this position, the operator can clearly see where they are manoeuvering, said Sennebogen. Fully elevated the cab gives the operator a total viewing height of up to 21.2 m. This helps the operator position the grab inside the ship and in filling the hopper.

Full elevation of the cab also gives the operator a good view for filling the hopper

“Every day, we unload different bulk materials with high cycle rates, including grain, mineral raw materials and coal,” said Kalkavan’s managing partner Senai Koçyiğit. The crane can unload up to 1,200 t of grain per hour. “Thanks to its intelligent design and robust construction, the Sennebogen electric mobile harbour crane was well worth the investment. The electric drive also minimises our operating costs in the long term.”

The company has four other Sennebogen machines it uses for unloading ships. 


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