Electric SPMT new from Mammoet: UPDATED

The EPPU on a Mammoet self propelled modular transporter Mammoet’s new zero-emission electric power pack unit – the EPPU. Photo: Mammoet

International heavy transport and lifting specialist Mammoet has launched a zero-emission electric power pack unit (EPPU) suitable for use with any of the company’s self propelled modular transporter (SPMT).

Existing diesel power pack units (PPU) in the fleet can be retrofitted with the new battery-electric system developed in conjunction with a company specializing in zero-emissions powertrains for heavy industry. Some funding for the development was also provided by DKTI, a Dutch government programme to develop climate technologies and innovations in logistics.

Instead of the diesel engine there is a 350 kW electric motor powered by a 194 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. A 44 kW battery charger is also included onboard within the existing envelope of the PPU. Development work is ongoing to further optimise the PPU’s dimensions and a smaller motor might also be possible, the company said.

Running time should be enough to see the EPPU only need charging every four or five days, depending on use. The start-stop system, which is included, works very efficiently due to the nature of the power from the electrical system, Mammoet explained, further reducing power drain. It effectively means no pwer is expended when the unit is ‘idling’, unlike a diesel PPU.

AC mains charging from empty to full can be done in 5 hours. This would be from a 63 Amp three-phase supply. A single-phase, 13 Amp domestic supply can also be used, with the comensurate increase in charging time. Charging from a battery-based power supply has also been successfully tested, Mammoet said.

Further benefits

“Retro-fitting existing SPMT fleets cuts down on both waste and additional fabrication, compared to sourcing new zero emission equipment,” said a Mammoet spokesperson.

Power of the EPPU is comparable to diesel versions, according to Mammoet. It is much quieter when working on site, which makes for a better, more productive and potentially safer work environment. It eliminates the carbon footprint of SPMT transport, helping users and clients to meet environmental requirements.

As a retrofit design this new Mammoet EPPU is a different concept from the Mammoet-Scheuerle one previously announced by International Cranes and Specialized Transport here. Both types are needed to meet the emission requirements for the future, Mammoet said.

big white turbine tower section on a red Mammoet self propelled modular transporter with the power pack unit in the foreground Moving a wind turbine tower section on SPMT. The new EPPU can power any of Mammoet’s SPMT modules. Photo: Mammoet


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