EXCLUSIVE: Terex’s new director and new self erecting tower crane

Terex has announced that Nicola Castenetto has been appointed as business line director for self erecting cranes.

The new CSE 40 at Terex’s test site in Italy. The new model follows the CSE 30 and CSE 32 models. Photo: Terex

Castenetto was formerly Terex’s global cranes product support strategy director.

The news follows an announcement of the CSE 40 self erecting tower crane. The new CSE 40 will follow the CSE 30 and CSE 32 models and sits above the CSE 36.

The crane has a 40 metre jib and a capacity of 4.4 tonnes.

Terex said the new crane design, motors and electronic control improve performance and usability and that the fully electronic control ensures a precise setting and crane control. The model has the new Terex Power Plus (TPP) and Terex Power Match functions.

The crane’s hook height can be altered, between 25.6 and 32.2 metres. Its rear swing radius is 2.8 metres.

Terex also said that the crane will be compliant to the new version of standard EN14439.

Continued development

Terex said its new CSE 40 self erector will comply with the new version of the European Standard EN14439. Photo: Terex

Marco Gentilini, vice president and general manager at Terex, said, “We are very excited about our self erecting cranes and we are putting more focus on this product category with the appointment of Nicola Castenetto as business line leader of this product line and deploying dedicated resources and continuing developing new products”

Nicola Castenetto, Terex’s business line director said, “Terex is focused on the SE business line and I am proud of having taken its lead mid of last year.

“Our strategy is based on three strong pillars and relates to expanding our product offering, strengthening our commercial links with our partners while enlarging customer base and geographies, increasing our capacity to cope with our growth needs.

“The self erecting dedicated teams in engineering and product management are working hard to launch new products with CSE 40 soon joining the SE family”.


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