Faymonville goes All-In-One at ConExpo

Components laid out for the Faymonville HighwayMax All-In-One trailer kit Components laid out for the Faymonville HighwayMax All-In-One trailer kit. Photo: Faymonville

Specialized transport equipment manufacturer Faymonville is launching its HighwayMax All-In-One modular trailer kit at the ConExpo show.

Operators can configure different on-highway trailers from one kit of modular components.

All-In-One can be used as a 3+6 double drop combination, as an extendable single drop trailer with nine axles or, with the addition of a nitro booster, as a 12-axle trailer. It can also be configured as a tower adapter vehicle. The company’s range of excavator decks, transformer decks, perimeter decks and so on can be integrated with the double drop version.

Maximum manoeuvrability with smaller loads can be achieved with the steerable 6-axle (3+3) single-drop MultiMax trailer, the manufacturer said. It is 53 feet (16 metres) long and 100 inches (2,540 mm) wide when closed. Mobilisation is quick and doesn’t need escorts or permits. It can be extended to more than 90 feet (27.4 metres) long, including gooseneck. Axle group spacing can be set at 14 feet 1 inch (4.3 metres) or 16 feet 1 inch (4.9 metres).

For higher loads there is the double drop MegaMax. Using it as a 3-axle version with additional 4th steerable pin-on flip axle allows increased payload.

Cometto Eco1000 loaded Cometto Eco1000 self propelled transport unit. Photo: Faymonville

From the self propelled range

Faymonville will show two self propelled units from Cometto. The 6-axle Eco1000 module has its power pack unit mounted under the load platform. Its three power options are conventional diesel engine, hybrid or an electric version. At 1,500 tonnes the Eco1500 has the highest payload in the market, according to the company.

On show from Cometto’s range of self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) is an electronically steered 6-axle MSPE. The MSPE EVO3 series offers capacities of 48 and 70 tonnes per axle line.

Faymonville HighwayMax trailer Faymonville’s HighwayMax trailer can be configured in multiple combinations. Photo: Faymonville

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