Handheld devices popular with drivers, on jobsites

20 March 2008

Transport Systems and Products Inc. (TSP) can assemble various applications that resolve construction jobsite issues or truck driver roadway problems in a small hand-held device. The PocketPC is an all-in-one device is simple to operate and features an intuitive design.

Using a touch screen interface, pictures are used to represent functions. The pocket sized, multi-use device serves as a communication (i.e., phone, e-mail and reporting), navigation and tracking system. Using the PortNexus system, TSP is able to allow the device to take credit cards, read barcodes, and read and write RFID tags.

“It has the ability to become a language interpreter and even give you eyes ahead on the road to see what is up ahead of you a mile or so as you are driving in real time,” says Michael La Scala, TSP's vice president sales and marketing.

The system comes with ProveIT, a feature that helps document and report damaged goods for insurance collecting. In addition, it also records time, date and location. The product was designed so an operator can carry one device that gives him or her full intelligent navigation, communication, documentation and function. For example, if a driver carries a load that is not permissible on certain roadways, the device can automatically re-route him. If a traf. c issue arises, it will re-route the driver to an alternate path automatically.

The Pocket PC is an operator aid that can anticipate and solve navigation problems


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