Heavy Lift Projects secures ring crane funding

yellow and white HLP130 ring crane at work The HLP130 will be able to assemble jackets 100 metres tall and weighing 3,000 tonnes. Image: HLP

Offshore wind energy logistics specialist Heavy Lift Projects has secured funding to complete engineering work on a new super heavy lift ring crane to handle offshore wind farm components.

As a high capacity twin lattice boom ring crane the HLP130 will be able to lift more than 3,000 tonnes at a 42 metre radius, the company said. It is designed to handle 20 MW turbines and the other components of next generation offshore wind farms.

The investment (undisclosed amount) will be spent on executing the full design package, plus the marketing and start-up funding for the HLP team. The expected timeline is for another 12 months to complete the design work and then two years for the build, which is planned to be done in Scotland.

The initial drawings of the HLP130 design show two parallel lattice main booms, unlike existing super heavy lift ring cranes which typically have converging booms that meet at the head. It also has parallel back masts, like the Mammoet PTC and Sarens SGC cranes do but, unlike some others, such as from Huisman.

Configuration options

The HLP130 can be arranged in multiple configurations. Standard is with a 130 metre boom. Adding the luffing fly jib will increase the hook height to 240 metres where capacity will be 1,200 tonnes, HLP said. It is designed to lift jackets weighing 3,000 tonnes and standing 92 metres tall or more, at 42 metres radius.

Alexander Fyfe, HLP managing director, started the company in 2021 to help fill the lack of lifting and logistics capacity in the offshore wind energy industry. “The offshore windfarm market is witnessing stellar growth but developers face challenges, requiring more and larger crane capacity to meet projected demand, as well as cargo vessels and other support equipment,” Fyfe said. “Costs are rising but cost is not the biggest issue, rather it’s a shortage of the right installation equipment. HLP believes innovative thinking is needed to provide the new technology solutions that can enable growth to continue.”

Capercaillie (Investments) Ltd and Giles W Pritchard-Gordon & Co Ltd made the multi-million pound investment in Scotland-headquartered HLP. Capercaillie is managed by Hal Salvesen of the Salvesen family, well known in shipping and logistics. Giles W Pritchard-Gordon is the holding company for the Pritchard-Gordon Group of Companies that includes Pritchard-Gordon Tankers, a British tanker owner and operator. Director Henry Keane joined the HLP Board alongside Hal Salvesen.

Further details will be provided as they become available.

back end of HLP ring crane lifting turbine tower sections Heavy Lift Projects is an offshore wind energy industry lifting and logistics specialist. Image: HLP

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