How can you order a copy of LEGENDARY?

From the treasured novels on your bookshelves, to the dog-eared cookbooks on your kitchen counter, to the magazines stacked on your desk, the content you surround yourself with is one of the purest representations of who you are and what you value. You will want to add the LEGENDARY! coffee table book to your collection.

Each page of LEGENDARY! is filled with incredible photos and copy that depict the history of SC&RA and the industry it serves. The book offers an overwhelming sense of nostalgia in the best possible way and offers the inspiring stories of the industry’s most iconic players.

How exactly did the LEGENDARY! book come about? The 75th anniversary of an association as monumental as the SC&RA is definitely something to commemorate. LEGENDARY! is part of this milestone occasion. The book is a celebration of SC&RA that we can hold in our hands for years to come, a lasting record that chronicles the accomplishments, standards and excellence of the rigging, lifting and specialized transportation sector.

“The LEGENDARY! book has been more than two years in the making,” said Executive Editor D.Ann Shiffler. “It has been a true labor of love. KHL Group and SC&RA appreciate everyone who helped make it a reality. Hundreds of people provided photos, information and memories.”

Often, our editors would answer phone calls and reminisce with people who shared heartwarming stories, interesting experiences and amusing anecdotes. This book serves as a strong reminder of the earnest values of our beloved industry.

Throughout the pages of this book, the editorial team has spotlighted the legendary aspects of our industry. This includes:

■ People/families/companies

■ Jobs/projects/events

■ Equipment/gear/technologies

■ Advocacy/safety/industry issues

The LEGENDARY! book was underwritten by 56 companies through corporate profiles, and our team is incredibly excited for you to check it out. To order your own copy of the book, please visit


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