J D Neuhaus delivers offshore crane system

18 January 2012

J D Neuhaus' largest ever crane system is to be used on an offshore drilling rig.

J D Neuhaus' largest ever crane system is to be used on an offshore drilling rig.

German air hoist and crane manufacturer J D Neuhaus has just delivered its largest ever crane system, with a total lift weight of 80 tons and a lift height of 12 m, to Norwegian importer Weston Lofteteknikk AS (WCL). The new system is to be used on an offshore drilling rig.

The semi portal design comprises an A-frame supporting twin overhead horizontal track beams providing a 7.5 m span.

The crane has an approximate height of 11.5 m with a total weight of 32 tons. It is equipped with JDN hydraulic EH 40-H monorail hoists operating on each of the twin beams, each hoist providing an individual lift capacity of 40 tons. These hoists can be operated individually or simultaneously from one control, and when used in conjunction a total lift of 80 tons is possible with a 12 m lift height being available. A JDN Profi 6 TI-H hoist with 6-ton lift capacity is also provided to cover other operational or service requirements.

The crane's energy supply system incorporates four hydraulic drives. An electro-hydraulic switch cabinet is also mounted on the access gangway. The primary radio crane controls also have a back-up system fitted to cover any radio control panel failure. Manual operation is also possible to cover any unscheduled loss of power.

The crane has been designed to comply with offshore operation, at temperatures of -20ºC. Survival conditions can also be maintained in the event of inclines from the horizontal of the rig of 3º with the crane loaded or 27º when unloaded.

A back-up hydraulic pump with fluid reservoir tank enables an emergency lowering of suspended loads, together with safe positioning of both hoist trolleys and crane, in the event of power failure.

WCL is an authorised Norwegian sole importer of J D Neuhaus lifting and handling equipment.


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