Job of the Year judging criteria

18 April 2008

Hauling Competition

• Shipment Routing (10 percent): dimensions, weight, characteristics, other considerations

• Planning the Job (20 percent): man-hours involved, permits and other regulatory approvals, other considerations

• Physical Elements (10 percent): terrain, weather, shorting present facilities, building new facilities, other considerations

• Safety (15 percent): driver supervision, equipment use, precautionary measures, other considerations

• Execution (45 percent): number of man-hours involved, ingenuity, innovations

Rigging Competition

• Safety (30 percent): safety programs in place, equipment properly used, number and type of lost-time accidents (using Occupational Safety and Health Administration definitions)

• Innovation and Ingenuity (30 percent): creative applications of old techniques, newly designed equipment, modifications to standard equipment, resources used economically

• Engineering and Planning (30 percent): item's physical characteristics (dimensions, weight, fragility, center of gravity or lack of specific information about the load), site characteristics (ground characteristics, obstructions and clearances, weather and time), completion within schedule, level of professionalism

• Limitations (10 percent): Was the job: firm-fixed price, time and material with not to exceed, time and material, open ended? Other factors not numerated above.


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