Latest and greatest diesel crane engines

10 August 2020

A quick look at some of the latest diesel engines designed for cranes.

American Cranes & Transport presents its annual roundup of the latest diesel crane engines in development or now on the market.

Kubota S7509

S7509_Kubota Engine

Available in 2023, the Kubota S7509 engine was designed for versatility and ease of maintenance.

Unveiled at ConExpo 2020, Kubota has commenced development of its large displacement industrial diesel engine, the S7509, which will further expand the 09 series.

The compact 7.5 liter, 6-cylinder engine boasts low fuel consumption with its optimized, direct injection combustion system, Kubota said. It provides 100 percent power take-off at the flywheel and fan side, as well as selection of flywheel housing and flywheel for OEM coupling.

Kubota said the S7509 provides great versatility because the exhaust side auxiliary PTO takes up to two hydraulic pumps in addition to the intake side PTO. The engine also features one-side easy maintenance, an automatic belt tensioner and hydraulic lash adjusters.

“The versatility and ease of maintenance features in an efficient power-dense package makes the S7509 a natural choice for the crane OEM,” Kubota said.

Mass production of the S7509 will begin in 2023.

Available now is Kubota’s 210 horsepower, award-winning V5009 engine, which expanded Kubota’s diesel lineup, providing an additional solution for manufacturers’ industrial engine needs. The V5009 expands on the performance and reliability associated with Kubota’s entire engine lineup. As the world’s leading engine manufacturer of compact diesel engines below 100 horsepower, Kubota’s larger, more powerful engine shows attentive commitment to client requests, calling for higher outputs, the company said. Both the S7509 and V5009 are EPA Tier 4 Final and Stage V certified.

MAN D4276

Last year, MAN Engines launched its new straight-six engine, the D4276, with 142 mm bore and 170 mm stroke. This power unit has been developed specially for applications that demand high power with full power operation at up to 70 percent of the duty cycle, the company said. It delivers its maximum torque of 3,280 Nm at speeds as low as 1,100 rpm and maintains a constant torque up to 1,500 rpm.

“The straight-six engine offers not only high torque but also an impressively high power-to-weight ratio,” MAN said. “With a dry weight of just 2,822 pounds, it is one of the lightest engines in its displacement class, and delivers an output between 450 and 515 kW (604 and 690 hp) depending on its power stage.”


The MAN Engines modular exhaust gas aftertreatment has been configured to suit the requirements of the 16.2-litre unit.

Despite the large displacement and the resulting power, the 16.2-liter engine has the compact installation dimensions (1,464 mm long by 978 mm width by 1,131 mm height). This allows designers the freedom to achieve perfect integration of the engine into the machine, even in complex installation situations.

The D4276 is used in mobile cranes, mining trucks and large excavators. The MAN Engines modular exhaust gas aftertreatment has been configured to suit the requirements of the 16.2-litre unit.

To fulfill US EPA Tier 4 exhaust gas regulations, the D4276 relies on a SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system that is combined with a water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. For the EU Stage V standard, two DOC/DPF modules (diesel oxidation catalytic converter/diesel particulate filter) are being added. For countries with less stringent requirements, emissions downgrades to EU Stage IIIA/IIIB are available.

Isuzu 4h, 6U and 6W Series

Isuzu is proven in supplying engines to power the crane market for years and is ready and poised to serve North American manufacturers with highly respected 4H, 6U and 6W-Series diesel products, the company said.


Isuzu engines have a 5-year or 5,000-hour limited warranty which support Isuzu’s product reliability for over 100 years, the company said.

All of these engine series are US EPA Tier 4 and European Stage V ready for OEM or replacement crane applications. Isuzu engines have a 5-year or 5,000-hour limited warranty which support Isuzu’s product reliability for over 100 years. The 4H-Series can be a 5.2L or 7.8L diesel engine with 173hp or 282hp.

“The 6U-Series is a 9.8L diesel engine with 362hp and the 6W-Series product boasts a 15.7L engine with 512hp. These engines are branded as Isuzu REDTech for their reliable, eco-friendly, durable and technologically advanced performance in the most demanding applications,” Isuzu said.

MTU platform

The full platform of MTU engines meets both EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V emissions requirements. These engines are also available in variants that meet the GHG’17 and upcoming GHG’21 on-road emissions requirements.


MTU now offers the Detroit DD5 and DD8 engines for construction and industrial applications requiring on-road GHG’17 or upcoming GHG’21 emissions certification.

“Based on the proven Mercedes-Benz and Detroit engines used in on-highway applications, these engines are optimized for use in cranes as well as other industrial applications, offering the lowest particulate matter (PM) levels in the power range and one of the lowest fuel consumption levels on the market,” MTU said. “They also provide higher torque, a wider power range, and extended oil change intervals compared to the prior Tier 4 versions. In addition, MTU products and systems are fully backed by customized life-cycle support solutions, including optional extended warranty options.”

The Dual Certified platform offers power ranges from 154 to 228hp for the 5.1L 4R1000 up to 510 to 644hp for the 15.6L 6R1500 engine. The engines are currently being sold to customers in Europe and in North America.

In addition to the Detroit DD13 and DD16, MTU now offers the Detroit DD5 and DD8 engines for construction and industrial applications requiring on-road GHG’17 or upcoming GHG’21 emissions certification.

With the DD5 providing 240hp (5.1L) and the DD8 offering 375hp (7.7L), they are the first on-road certified engines in this power range offered by MTU, the company said.

Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta offers a range of Tier 4 Final industrial diesel engines from 5 to 16 liters with horsepower ratings from 141 to 690 for cranes.

Volvo Penta’s Tier 4F solution uses selective catalyst reduction (SCR) together with a light exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, which meets the Tier 4F requirements without the use of a diesel particulate filter, eliminating the need for periodic disruptions for regeneration, the company said.

The Volvo Penta engines with SCR also have lower cooling demands, enabling the use of a smaller radiator package.

Volvo Penta’s engines are designed and developed for long-term performance and world-leading fuel efficiency, yielding the industry’s lowest total costs of ownership, the company said.

Volvo Penta

To maximize uptime, most Volvo Penta industrial engines can operate for 1,000 hours between service intervals.

To maximize uptime, most Volvo Penta industrial engines can operate for 1,000 hours between service intervals. Productivity can be increased by using Volvo Penta’s Oil Analysis service, the company said.

Volvo Penta’s optional easy-to-install Start/Stop technology reduces fuel consumption, noise and exhaust emissions by turning itself off when idling and restarting on demand. The result is extended engine life and reductions of up to 15 percent in fuel consumption.

An optional 4.3-inch color display gives the operator fingertip control and shows all vital information at a glance, including fuel consumption, engine RPM, engine temperature and DEF levels. It also provides status and error code messages with suggested actions. 


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