Liebherr crawler crane helps construct solar energy park

The construction of the new solar energy park in Germany relied on the advanced Liebherr crawler crane. Alex Dahm reports

The specific capabilities of a crawler crane with a telescopic boom were instrumental in the success of a project to construct a solar energy park in Germany.

The LTR 1060 has a 40 metre telescopic boom The LTR 1060 has a 40 metre telescopic boom. Photo: Liebherr

Specialist contractor Autodienst Eineder began using its Liebherr LTR 1060 in October 2022. Solar energy park construction has become familiar territory for the 60 tonne capacity crane.

The Bavarian company made the most of the crane to install transformer stations, namely its off-road capability, manoeuvrability and the ability to travel with a full load.

These translate into lower cost and less time needed on site.

Peter Eineder, managing director, explained, “Its off-road capability and manoeuvrability makes the LTR 1060 ideal for jobs in solar parks.

With the crawler tracks retracted, the LTR 1060 is 3 metres wide With the crawler tracks retracted, the LTR 1060 is 3 metres wide. Photo: Liebherr

“Its pick and carry mode is particularly good as it enables us to carry transformer stations weighing up to 20 tonnes straight from the transport vehicle to the installation site.”

Pick and carry travel on site is possible with a full load on the hook. Where the terrain was too uneven for a crane Eineder used a heavy duty transport crawler platform to move the transformers.

Introduction to Liebherr crawler cranes

The LTR 1060 has a maximum 4.8 metre wide track and can also work with the track width reduced to 3 metres. “That is a major benefit on constricted sites. We also appreciate the sensitive control of the

LTR 1060 when things are tight,” Eineder said.

The crane can assemble its central ballast and the slewing platform ballast without needing an assist crane. Eineder also said it is easy to transport the crane.

Retracting the crawler side frames gives a width of 3 metres for transport. Its overall height of 3.15 metres means standard semi low loaders can be used instead of special low height versions.

the LTR 1060 Its low height of 3.15 metres means the LTR 1060 can be transported on standard low loaders. Photo: Liebherr

Complete with turntable and central ballast the LTR 1060 weighs 62.6 tonnes. On a five axle trailer and three axle tractor the axle load is less than 12 tonnes, Liebherr says.

Removing ballast allows the transport weight to be reduced to the net weight of the basic 37.5 tonne machine. That means less than 10 tonnes per axle on a 4-axle low loader with three axle tractor.


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