Danish offshore wind specialist Cadeler has equipped its windfarm installation vessel Wind Osprey with the latest Liebherr RL 2600 ram luffing offshore crane.

Cadeler invests in crane upgrades for future wind farm work. (Photo: Liebherr)

The new Liebherr will replace an older cylinder luffing deck crane

Supporting role

With its focus on logistical support moving tools and smaller attachments, this Liebherr crane is well positioned to support the vessel’s larger main crane.

It has been optimised to feature a small tail radius and the absence of machinery housing, which allows it to operate in confined space conditions and environments.

The Wind Osprey’s main crane will also be upgraded. It will feature a lifting capacity of 1,600 metric tonnes at a radius of 40 metres, and a main hook able to reach 160 metres above the main deck.

The RL series is distinguished by its lightweight and compact design, Liebherr said.

The cranes are primarily used for maintenance and supply work on both fixed and floating offshore installations, particularly in the wind power industry and the oil and gas sector.

Explosion proof

Another special feature of the new RL crane series is the cabinet inside the slewing column. The technology behind this innovation is called “EXpressure,” the world’s first explosion-proof Ex d cabinet that safely releases explosion pressure. It has been developed by Liebherr partner R. Stahl AG. The crane can also be ex-certified (through ATEX and IECEx).

“Besides upgrading the lifting capacity of our windfarm installation vessel main cranes to effectively handle larger and heavier wind turbines, we are also upgrading our equipment with innovative features and seeking strategic alliances with companies that will be with us in the long run.

“Liebherr fulfils our criteria for innovation, reliability, and service, and we are looking forward to working with them closely on our flagship projects,” said Jacob Heinricy Jensen, COO at Cadeler.

Left to right: Ilie Toma, Liebherr; Gregor Levold, Liebherr; David Möller, Liebherr; Matti Basan, Liebherr; Marc Findeisen, Liebherr; Jacob Grønvald Nielsen, Cadeler; Michael Strandgaard Merrild, Cadeler. (Photo: Liebherr)

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