LSI introduces LMI and tensionmeters

04 October 2011

LSI stainless steel line rider.

LSI stainless steel line rider.

Load Systems International has released two new wireless products, a load moment indicator system and a durable line of stainless steel wireless tensiometers.

The stainless steel wireless tensiometers are suitable for load monitoring when there is not a dead end on the rope to place a load cell, the company said. They are built from 304 grade stainless steel and offer flexible options, including wireless rope speed, payout and direction indication. The stainless steel construction offers resistance to harsh offshore environments where other materials corrode and deteriorate.

LSI tensiometers are available for a range of wire rope sizes, 3/8 inches (9.5 mm) to 4 inches (102 mm). The rope payout measuring method is contact-free, meaning that long-term wear is not an issue, and the new line of tensiometers is designed to outlast any other, with a durable design inside and out, the company said.

The LMI uses a pair of pressure transducers that read the rod and bore side pressures of the lift cylinders. Data from the transducers is transmitted wirelessly to the LSI GS820 Graphical Display, with a typical error rate of only 1 % of maximum load capacity, LSI said. The LMI can be used both for proportional and non-proportional hydraulic crane boom designs, the company said.

"This system is intended to be the most user-friendly LMI system available. It can be installed by the end user with the help of the comprehensive installation guide," the company said.

While the tensionmeters will be introduced globally, the LMI system will initially be released only in North America.


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