LSI-Robway debuts sensors, asset management controls at Bauma

19 April 2013

LSI-Robway GS025 Wind Speed Sensor introduced at Bauma.

LSI-Robway GS025 Wind Speed Sensor introduced at Bauma.

LSI-Robway revealed several new products at its booth at Bauma in Munich, Germany.

New products include the GS025 Wind Speed Sensor, a low-cost wind speed monitoring solution for a diverse range of applications and industries. The GS025 retrofits onto the mounting bracket of the previous model of LSI wind speed sensor, for an easy upgrade. It is FCC and CE certified; has a communication range of 4,600 feet/1,400 meters; is compatible with the GS820, GS550 and GS320 displays and with the Gateway Router; has a measurement range of 0 to 150 mph/0 to 250 km/h; includes typical accuracy: +/- 3 mph (+/- 4.8 km/h); and features a user-replaceable wind cup assembly and inexpensive replacement wind speed head assembly. Under normal operation, the GS025 has a battery life of up to four years and features a 1-year warranty.

Also new from LSI-Robway is the Equipment Tracker Asset Monitoring Database. The company can provide detailed database tracking and reporting of assets, equipment alarms, engine hours, service items (such as engine temperatures), pressures and GPS location mapping. The LSI-Robway database runs on an SQL server. It is an online database accessible for the world over from a PC, tablet or smartphone. The company’s servers have mirrored backups ensuring security and access to your valued data.

The database can display asset description data, location information, service hour summary, status of equipment, sensor data and engine activity, oil and temperature.

Also new is the RT-0300, a ruggedized, weatherproof, frequency-hopping-spread-spectrum radio modem designed to facilitate alarm and event data logging, as well as asset tracking and monitoring on worksites. Use of the RT-0300 Worksite Modem can eliminate the need for the use of a cell or satellite modem, which eliminates any recurring monthly access fees associated with cell and/or satellite modems, the company said.

The RT-0300 Worksite Modem can output up to 1 watt of power (for FCC version) and can achieve a range of up to 10 miles/16 kilometers (dependent on sight line). The CE ½ watt version will receive about 75 percent of the FCC range.

The firmware has been tailored for asset tracking applications by including a tag based job-site data framing protocol, the company said.

The RT-0300 can broadcast live LMI alarm codes showing out the current load chart capacity, overload and A2B alarms. In addition, it can send engine data updates such as hours, temperatures, pressures, on/off status, engine transmission activity and the like. Data is received by the RT-0300-0001 Base Station Modem and transferred to LSI-Robway’s Dashboard Software or Equipment Tracker Database.

Received data can be viewed live on a PC via the company’s Dashboard Software System. The Dashboard System can immediately send text messages to safety personnel’s cell phones identifying alarm status. Received data can also be logged into our Equipment Tracker Database system providing for online monitoring and reporting of key operational data.

RT-0300 features include 19200 bps RF data rate; a mobile version with RS-232 interface; base station version with RS-485 interface; built-in GPS receiver for location tracking; and tag based job-site data framing protocol.

LSI-Robway has also introduced its Mobile Worksite Modem, the hardware via which data is transmitted to the Base Station.

The company also debuted its Multi Input/Output Crane Controller.

“Owners and managers of equipment fleets and equipment assets need to have the ability to manage and monitor core aspects of their equipment assets to reduce maintenance costs, manage maintenance schedules, increase productivity, reduce equipment downtime and reduce equipment theft,” said Dave Smith, president.

LSI-Robway offers a range of controllers that can assist in monitoring a variety of sensor outputs: including LMI Sensors such as load, A2B, wind, boom angle, length; engine/transmission temperatures and oil pressure; engine hours; On/Off switches; analog inputs and digital inputs (can provide analog and digital outputs, also) and outputs can include: RS232, RS485, CAN bus, J1939

“LSI-Robway can wirelessly transfer the output signals to our Long Range Radio Modem, Gateway Router or Cellular Modem,” said Smith. “Our solution will ensure that you are able to effectively monitor critical operational aspects of your valuable equipment assets.”


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