Mammoet completes project in Indonesia

Mammoet’s work to install the generator and turbine will increase the electricity supplied to the Java-Bali grid

Mammoet has completed the transportation and installation of a 430 tonne gas turbine and a 445 tonne gas turbine generator in Indonesia.

The work took place at Tambak Lorok Power Plant in Semarang, Central Java, on behalf of General Electric.

The loads were moved individually over a distance of 200 metres from their storage area to the power block building, using 10 axle-lines of self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) in 4 file configuration.

At the installation area, the two pieces of equipment were manoeuvred adjacent to their foundation and aligned centrally using SPMT. Four strand jacks lifted the slings placed around the lifting trunnions to a sufficient height, raising the loads from the transporters. The loads were then moved transverse to the centre line of the foundations using an hydraulic system on top of the beams.

Once the loads were aligned on the foundation lines using self-propelled skid beams, they were lowered onto the foundation. With the full weight of the equipment on the foundation, the slings were removed from the lifting trunnions of the turbine and generator. 

The gantry system used was in-house designed and comprised four 200 tonne strand jacks, 500 tonne self-propelled skid beams, 150 tonne skidding systems and customised lifting gantries. This methodology was used due to the tight timeframe and space restrictions on site.

Mammoet’s work to install the generator and turbine will increase electricity supplied to the Java-Bali grid as General Electric’s Tambok Lorok Power Plant is part of Indonesia’s 35,000 MW grid expansion project, and will power more than five million Indonesian homes upon its completion.


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