Mammoet not for sale: owner calls off divestment

End of the road for the Mammoet sell off? Typical challenges for Mammoet include getting heavy cargo across weak bridges and down narrow roads. Photo: Mammoet

International heavy lifting and transport specialist Mammoet is no longer for sale.

It was announced here on 14 March that Dutch parent company SHV Holdings had invited bids from prospective purchasers with the aim of divesting the Mammoet business.

Following submission of proposals by various parties SHV said that, after careful consideration, it “has decided not to pursue any of the interest expressed in the purchase of Mammoet as they don’t meet our aim of finding a better owner.”

Mammoet will continue to operate within the SHV family of companies.

SHV expressed “thanks to all involved for their hard work and dedication during the process.”

Mammoet is by far the largest international heavy lifting and transport specialist in the world, according to the ICST IC100 ranking of the world’s largest crane-owning companies published here for 2023. It employs 6,500 people in 45 countries and has an annual turnover around €1 billion.

SHV was set up in 1896 as a group of eight coal trading companies. In 1913 the investment division was started to focus on businesses, including modern technology. In the 1950s SHV shifted from coal to oil and gas. In the 1960s came diversification with a move into wholesaling and other areas plus a strengthening of the investment side with the acquisition of NPM Capital in 2000. Mammoet was acquired in 2006.


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