Mammoet's third mammoth PTC

30 April 2008

Netherlands: Heavy lift specialist Mammoet has introduced its third PTC (Platform Twinring Containerized) heavy lift crane. The 1,764 ton (1600 tonne) capacity crane was, like the previous two models, built in close cooperation with Huisman–Itrec in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

The official introduction followed a series of extensive test lifts conducted according to international standards and carried out under the supervision of a team of international surveyors and inspectors. The first test was a 2,204 ton (2,000 tonne) lift on the 220 foot (67 m) main boom at a radius of 55 ft (17.1 m). The tests included main boom and luffing jib configurations up to 656 feet (200 m) overall height.

Like Mammoet's other PTCs the ringer has an outer diameter of 70 feet (21.5 m). Supporting the crane are 24 hydraulic cylinders, evenly distributed around the ringer. Minimum slewing radius over the rear–mounted ballast is 45 feet (13.85 m), which can be increased to 50 feet (15.19 m) when using the SuperLift. The PTC carries a maximum ballast of 1653 tons (1500 tonnes). Available main boom configurations are from 162 feet (49.4m) up to 318 feet (97.3 m) and, in combination with a luffing jib and runner, can be up to 656 feet (200 m).

The crane has been designed for efficient transport and shipping. Its parts fit in and on to each other in such a way that they form standardized 20 or 40 feet (6 or 12 m) container–size units. Depending on the configuration the PTC ships in a maximum of 88 units.


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