Mini seminars take off

28 October 2008

In March 2008 Richard Krabbendam set up a web site promoting his service of selling his knowledge of heavy lift and specialized transport. In May progress was such that he held the first two mini seminars on heavy transport and lifting. The seminars, held in the Netherlands, attracted around 40 participants from the industry. Among the delegates were also manufacturers, for example, shipyards, shipping companies, engineering companies, freight forwarders, classification societies and training institutes.

Krabbendam started with basic knowledge, explaining the difference between mass and force. "Dealing with heavy lifts is all to do with controlling forces in the correct way," Krabbendam explained. "In the industry we always talk about lifting thousands of pounds or tonnes but, in reality, this is a force developed by the earth's gravity on a certain mass and should be expressed in newtons.

This mass could be standing still or in motion and that makes the difference. Whereas engineers probably know about this already, as part of the training, Krabbendam explains the details in a simple manner. He explains the difference between a tonne and a kilo Newton, so that crane and trailer operators and non technical people alike can understand it.

Presentation methods include Power Point on a computer, sketches, drawings and photographs of transport projects. After dealing with force and mass, among them forces developed by wind, water and friction Krabbendam moves onto transporting heavy loads on multi wheeled platform trailers.

Krabbendam imparts knowledge gained from his 35 years of experience in the transport, lifting and shipping industry for heavy loads. Target delegates for the seminars range from young engineers just starting in the transport and lifting industry to those experienced in planning and construction of power plants, refineries and other large plant.

The next set of mini seminars is on 4 and 8 November. They will detail the practical knowledge needed to safely execute heavy lift transport and lifting projects, Krabbendam said. Multi-crane lifts is one area covered.

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