ML Crane adds two new divisions and directors

Capital Projects will be led by Charlie Fernandes and Wind & Renewables by Ben McKinstry.

ML Crane announced the addition of a Capital Projects Division directed by Charlie Fernandes and based out of Houston, TX and other national coverage areas. The division will focus on large projects requiring in depth, engineered, specialized transport and lifting solutions.

Charlie Fernandes, Capital Projects Director

ML Crane’s engineering expertise, led by Oliver Snogles, will provide the forefront for scope development and execution planning. Another industry veteran, Martijn Nooren, will oversee the operational aspects of specialized and alternative solutions, heavy haul, complex rigging and heavy lift applications. With the addition of this group, ML Crane will be better able to utilize their fleet of specialized alternative movement equipment such as SPMT’s, gantries, jack and slide systems and specialized rigging.

The division director, Charlie Fernandes, has over 10 years of experience working in the heavy lift and heavy haul industry with several major industry players.

Ben McKinstry, Wind & Renewables Director

In addition to Capital Projects, ML Crane also added a specialized Wind & Renewables Division to its company structure. The department will be based out of Denver, CO and led by Ben McKinstry.

Last year, ML Crane placed a heavier focus on the wind industry when they added a wind business development role. This position allowed the company to grow into the renewables sector and expand their project market.

McKinstry with lead the division and has over 20 years of experience working in the heavy lift and crane industry, and his wind and renewables knowledge is vast. McKinstry will pioneer the division’s growth first in the Rockies region, then ML Crane will look to grow and develop service areas and locations in other parts of the United States, the company said. 


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