MLC300 assists multi-million dollar construction

28 June 2017

MLC300 enables maximum efficiency for innovative lift plan in Hawaii.

Construction is underway on a $331 million rental car facility in Hawaii, and a Manitowoc MLC300 is driving performance on the job site to help contractors execute an innovative lift plan.

Honolulu-based Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC) is tasked with building the three-story facility that will cover some 1.7 million square feet near Kahului Airport on the island of Maui. The expansive site is divided into four 425,000 square foot quadrants that are aligned in a row, and HDCC has developed a plan to lift the building’s formwork on each quadrant using minimal equipment. Two tower cranes are being used on the inner two quadrants, with the MLC300 doing the work of multiple cranes to cover the remaining outer quadrants.

The 386 USt crawler crane is responsible for not only lifting formwork and other materials, but assembling and disassembling the tower cranes in the most efficient way possible. According to Daniel Arana, field operations manager for HDCC, the lift plan could not be executed without the MLC300.

“Some of our competitors might have used as many as seven tower cranes for this job,” he said. “But the MLC300 gave us the reach, capacity and efficiency to stick to our schedule using only it plus two tower cranes. It was the only crawler crane in the islands that could dismantle the tower cranes at the necessary distance, and even with the time spent on dismantling and erection, it was well worth the investment.”

Mlc300 enables maximum efficiency for innovative lift plan in hawaii 3


HDCC is using the MLC300 configured with 118 feet of boom and 295 feet of luffing jib. The heaviest lifts on the job are the 10 USt tower crane components, but the crane is also lifting formwork, rebar and buckets used for pouring concrete, all at a 295-foot radius.

“We needed to erect our tower cranes inside the perimeter of the building to construct it from the inside out,” continued Arana. “The MLC300 was the only crawler crane that could make every lift at the required radius, which is helping us to erect and dismantle our tower cranes exactly where we need them, all while taking up minimal space on the job site.”

HDCC’s MLC300 has been onsite since August of 2016 and is the first crawler crane with a luffing jib to operate in the Hawaiian Islands. Construction of the rental car facility is scheduled for completion in October of 2018.

Mlc300 enables maximum efficiency for innovative lift plan in hawaii 1

Mlc300 enables maximum efficiency for innovative lift plan in Hawaii.


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