Montana signs up to CCO program

30 April 2008

Montana is the latest state to recognize the CCO certification program. It is the fifth state to adopt the program and a further six are currently in the process of legislating for the scheme, writes Graham Brent.

An amendment to Montana's state licensing requirements was signed into law in March providing for a first– or second–class crane and hoist engineer's license be issued to anyone who is CCO–certified, upon payment of the appropriate license fee.

It is unlawful in Montana for a person to operate crane and hoist equipment used in hoisting or lowering personnel or material, that has a manufacturer's load chart rating of 6 tons or more without a license from the Department of Labor and Industry. This rule has been revised to apply to all tower cranes.

Montana is the second state with an existing licensing program to adopt CCO's program; in April last year New Jersey began phasing out its “long boom” license in favor of CCO certification and legislation is in varying stages of adoption in five states. See page 21 for more news from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). Graham Brent, executive Director of NCCCO, will write an exclusive monthly column for ACT.


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