NCCCO's Code of Ethics is as follows

20 March 2008

1. free of bias with regard to religion, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin and disability.

2. so as to place the safety and welfare of workers associated with the lifting operation above all other considerations.

3. so as to protect nearby general public, property and the environment.

In addition, I will:

4. make my management aware if I have safety concerns relating to the lifting operations which I am performing not knowingly violate safety related regulations, warnings or instructions set forth by OSHA, recognized safety standards, or the crane manufacturer.

Not misrepresent or knowingly deceive others concerning my experience or the capabilities of myself or the crane I am operating.

Not misrepresent or misuse my certification card or the NCCCO logo, which are the property of NCCCO, and I understand that I must return the card to NCCCO immediately if required to do so.


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