NCCER releases wind turbine technician training

04 October 2011

Some 37 states now have active utility-scale wind turbines. Utility-scale wind farms often consist of hundreds of wind turbines, all of which need to be regularly maintained once they are installed.

To prepare craft professionals for this emerging field, NCCER is releasing Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Level One, Volume One. This book is the first level of training in NCCER's three-year wind turbine maintenance technician program. To satisfy the demand for this title in time for 2011-2012 classes, NCCER is releasing Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Level One in two volumes. Level One, Volume Two will be released in late 2011. Trainees must successfully complete both Volumes One and Two to receive Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Level One credentials.

Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician aligns to the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) Core Skill Set for Wind Turbine Service Technicians. This alignment factors into overall compliance with AWEA's Seal of Approval program to assess whether training programs are delivering workers with the correct skills.

Students successfully completing Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Level One through an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor will earn industry-recognized credentials verifiable through the NCCER Automated National Registry.

NCCER worked with subject matter experts representing industry and academia across the country to introduce relevant industry material into the existing book.


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