New 250 tonne Tadano all terrain crane is ready to go

Tadano AC 5.250-2 was announced at the Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany, in October 2022 Tadano’s five axle AC 5.250-2 all terrain has a 70 metre boom. Photo: Tadano

Following the announcement of Tadano’s new 250 tonne all terrain crane in October 2022 the crane is now ready to go with some extra features.

The five axle AC 5.250-2 was announced at the Bauma construction equipment exhibition in Germany, October 2022. In its subsequent final development phase in the year since then Tadano has added features it says constitute “a significant upgrade to the AC 5.250-2, particularly in the area of safety.”

Close teamwork between engineers at the Lauf and Zweibrücken factories in Germany was key in the new five axle AT’s development. “This kind of teamwork enabled us to take full advantage of and combine all the know-how and expertise from both our locations,” said Peter Kleinhans, Tadano project manager.

Lifting capacity is 10 to 15 per cent higher in many areas of the chart and, in some configurations, is 30 % higher than the previous best in class, the manufacturer said.

With its 70 metre boom fully extended it will lift 14.5 tonnes at a radius of 24 metres. At a 42 metre radius with the boom extended to 47 metres, the new crane lifts 14.5 tonnes.

A maximum system length of 112 metres is achieved by adding a 42 metre HAV boom extension to the 70 metre main boom.

Taxi configuration

Counterweight flexibility was another design requirement. No slab weighs more than 10 tonnes which means they can be carried on small trucks if necessary to help when accessing more confined job sites. The total of 80 tonnes can be mounted on to the crane in three loads.

On 16 inch wheels it can run as a taxi crane, either with a three sheave hook block good for 67.3 tonnes or a 5.8 metre heavy lift runner jib, withing 12 tonnes an axle. Where the permitted axle load is 16.5 tonnes up to 20 tonnes of counterweight can be carried.

Asymmetric outrigger positioning allows setting at 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 per cent extension.

Power is from a 522 hp Mercedes-Benz Stage Five diesel that can also run on hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel. Eco Mode adjusts the power output according to demand and there is a fuel-saving start-stop feature where the control software remains activated when the engine is off.

A future option will be the Lift Adjuster feature which compensates for the change in radius caused by deflection of the telescopic boom when lifting.

A video of the new Tadano AC 5.250-2 is here.

Tadano’s five axle AC 5.250-2 all terrain has a 70 metre boom Tadano’s five axle AC 5.250-2 all terrain has a 70 metre boom. Photo: Tadano

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