New Faymonville turbine transport adapters

Faymonville has added wind tower adapters for self steering trailers to its range of specialized transport equipment.

This new adapter can be used when wind turbine tower segments weighing up to 100 tonnes must be transported on winding roads. (Photo: Faymonville)

“The components of wind power plants demand different transport solutions, depending on the route,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“Sometimes a classic low-bed or a semi low loader is sufficient, but sometimes the requirement is far more complicated.”

The self steering trailer is at the front with a 4-axle dolly and air suspension – optionally with 0.4 or 0.6 metre tyres – which can be configured for 6x4 and 8x4 or 8x4 and 10x4 tractor units.

“For the first time, 10x4 machines can take on such missions. The different base variants and the tyre options make the concept extremely interesting for the user,” added Faymonville product manager Rainer Noe, explaining the flexible approach.

Maximum flexibility

Two installed tower adapters can facilitate a connection to the tower segments in 3-point or 4-point clamps without an additional frame.

In the basic version, the components are designed for internal diameters from 2,650 to 5,400 millimetres.

“And an extension to 6,300 millimetres is available if even larger tower segments need to be moved”, Noe explained, describing the solution for possible XXL versions.

The two adapters are designed for maximum flexibility, as segments with an external flange can also be accommodated.

Even the transport of various machine houses is possible with this system, Faymonville said. The vertical stroke of 1,600 millimetres facilitates passing over high obstacles along the route, such as roundabouts, crash barriers or road boundaries.

The trailer can be customised with different base variants and tyre options. (Photo: Faymonville)
Safety standards

“We are the only supplier on the market with a hydraulic suspension. This principle is used to raise or lower the self-steering trailer on one side, thereby increasing the stability of the convoy considerably in critical passages,” said Rainer Noe.

“The steering system has four steering cylinders for the front steering and four for the rear steering. For further optimisation of the safety aspect, the vehicle width is set to 2,750 millimetres.”

Hydraulic and mechanical locking systems prevent inadvertent lowering or retraction of the adapter.

When handling the adapter, the user is always in a safe area due to the standard remote controls and has a clear overview when loading and unloading.

The Faymonville Group also offers extendable low loaders, versatile lowbed semi-trailer variants, XXL flatbed semitrailers as well as heavy load modules and self-propelled vehicles for all types of wind farm transport operations. The range is supplemented by special equipment such as the blade lifter for the transport of wind turbine blades.


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