New Link-Belt 200 tonner

30 April 2008

Link-Belt is expanding its all-terrain line with the 200 ton capacity ATC-3200. This AT has a new 43.3 to 196.9 foot, full-power, latching, independently telescoping, six-section boom, actuated by a double-acting, single-stage hydraulic cylinder.

Boom attachment combinations comprise a 17.7 to 43.3 foot, two-piece, lattice fiy and up to four 19.7 foot lattice extensions to provide additional reaches of 63.0, 82.7, 102.4, and 122.0 feet. These attachment combinations offset at 0, 20, or 40 degrees, and maximising the combination extends tip height to 331 feet.

A standard control feature called LoadCom, reduces the effects of boom deflections under load take up. LoadCom calculates the expected amount of boom deflection and automatically adjusts boom elevation and winch actions to prevent the load drifting out as it lifts off.

The crane's main operating controls are two electric over-hydraulic, dual-axis levers with fine metering capability for winches, boom hoist, and swing. The crane swings at 1.5 rpm and stops in free swinging, operator-controlled reversing, or automatic braking modes.

Powering the carrier is a 517 horsepower Mercedes Benz diesel, driving through a ZF AS-Tronic 16-speed manual transmission with automatic shift to deliver a top speed of 52.8 mph. The five-axle carrier has a 27 foot 10 inch wheelbase; hydro-pneumatic suspension; 10x8x8 drive/steer; speed-variable primary steering with five additional steering modes; third axle lift system; and automatic leveling and ride height adjustment. Turning radii are 31 feet 6 inches at the tire centerline and 40 feet 4 inches overall.

In the upper is a 184 hp M-B diesel driving two variable displacement piston pumps for the winches, boom hoist and telescoping. There are three further pumps for pilot pressure, boom pinning, counterweight removal and swing. Maximum line pull on the first layer of the main and auxiliary winches is 21,010 pounds and maximum line speed is 527 feet/minute.

Inside the operator cab is a ‘seat capsule’ where the fioor, seat, left and right control stands, pedals, and main console tilt upwards inside the cab at high boom angles, instead of the whole cab tilting. Other cab features to improve operator comfort and efflectiveness are: hydraulically adjustable seat, heating and A/C, and outrigger controls.


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