New sling-tracking technology

20 March 2008

Lift-It Manufacturing Co. has introduced InfoChip, a RFID-based online tracking system that helps sling and lifting equipment users by streamlining sling inspections and management. The RFID tag is inserted into the product during the manufacturing process and is impervious to dirt, water, grease or other contaminants. The RFID tag stores manufacturing and testing information, allowing authorized Lift-It distributors and customers to access information site with mobile handhelds, via a web based database.

According to Mike Gelskey Sr., Lift-It CEO and president, InfoChip instantly identifies and tracks any type of lifting equipment from cradle to grave. “With InfoChip we are dramatically improving the sling management process with digital technologies.”

With this technology, inspections are performed with increased accuracy, in less time and with greater consistency, the company claims. A digital audit trail tracks any desired transaction, such as inspection, repair, testing, and certification. Information captured in the field is forwarded to management through maintenance alerts with the InfoChip IC Online manager.

With InfoChip, information is shared between each party in the sling's value chain. Fabricators and dealers better track the lifting equipment through its lifecycle and can offer value added services including: inspections, testing and certification. Each of these operations is performed digitally and then published online for customer reference.

Authorized dealers can also add the InfoChip to hooks, blocks and other gear, providing inherent flexibility. Utilizing mobile handheld technology and RFID chips, the user can track location changes and field inspections. Additional detail and history is readily available online for future reference by all parties. Lift-It has been appointed InfoChip's western master distributor in the US.


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