New Superflex trailer from Scheuerle, Nicolas

12 January 2012

The new Superflex trailer from Scheuerle and Nicolas

The new Superflex trailer from Scheuerle and Nicolas

Scheuerle and its sister company Nicolas have developed a new type of semi-trailer with hydraulically movable axles. It is known as the Superflex, and along with the standard version, other models such as "single-telescopic" and "double-telescopic" are also available.

As the word "flex" in the name Superflex indicates, the Scheuerle and Nicolas semi-trailer provides a high degree of flexibility making it possible for vehicles in the single-telescopic version to move the two front axle lines when telescoped between the gooseneck and rear suspension in 500 mm increments.

For vehicles with double-telescoping function, the axles can be moved towards the gooseneck as well as to the rear suspension. With this feature, the company said it is possible to adapt the vehicle to suit the respective position of the payload center of gravity, ensuring optimum utilization for each axle line.

The technical axle load of the Superflex varies depending on the type of tire used. With 245/70-R17.5 tires, the technical axle load is 12 metric tons, which increases to 14 metric tons axle load when using 285/70-R19.5 tires. The power supply for the vehicle hydraulics is supplied either via the tractor hydraulics or by means of an external PPU (Power Pack Unit). As an option, an electric PPU can also be integrated in the gooseneck.

The new Scheuerle and Nicolas low-bed semi-trailer with pendulum axles has an axle compensation of around 650 mm (245/70-R17.5 tyres). The company said this is essential to ensure careful handling of both frame and vehicle when operating on rough terrain. In addition, the steering angle of 60 degrees provides maximum maneuverability. In spite of the compact design, 1.5 meter axle line spacings can be realized which facilitates the approval procedure with regard to driving over bridges due to the better load distribution.

The Superflex is available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-axle versions. It is available with a range of vehicle variants: standard version (non-telescopic), single-telescopic and double-telescopic with 245 or 285 tires. The axle assembly telescopically movable in 500 mm increments and it has a two-stage platform width-extendable up to 3,200 mm. The extension beam closes flush with the platform when in a retracted position and it comes with a large number of foldable lashing rings with lashing capacity of 13.4 tons along with large slewing angle of up to 270 degrees. The power supply for the vehicle is also possible via the tractor hydraulics or an external PPU. Side panels of the gooseneck can be completely dismantled, and one-piece or two-piece rear loading ramps are available.

The new vehicle concept from Scheuerle and Nicolas was first unveiled at the Solutrans fair in Lyon (France). The Superflex was presented as an 8-axle vehicle with a single-telescopic version.


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