Nordic Crane inaugurates heavy lift system

Nordic Crane used its Enerpac JS-250 for the first time on the MossIA tunnel project The 130 tonne concrete form was lifted to a height of 5 metres. Photo: Nordic Crane

An under-construction Norwegian rail tunnel was the first project to benefit from Nordic Crane’s latest fleet addition. The Scandinavian specialist’s rapidly expanding heavy lift division now includes a new 1,300 tonne capacity Enerpac JS-250 multi-point jack up system with four towers.

The JS-250 was deployed on the MossIA project, a new 10 km twin track railway through the Norwegian city of Moss. Its first lift, to a height of 5 metres, was a 130 tonne concrete form for the tunnel.

Paul Karlsen, Nordic Crane COO and head of the heavy lift division set up in 2022, commented, “The Enerpac JS-250 jack-up system is a good fit with our other heavy lift systems and brings a new level of flexibility to the lifting solutions we offer.”

Greater capacity

Karlsen continued, “The MossIA tunnel project is a great example of the jacking capability we now have available. We especially like the jack-up’s compactness and stability at 10 metres. Moreover, it can be readily adapted from a jack-up to a conventional hoist system with the addition of header beams and strand jacks, enabling us to handle a wider variety of heavy lift projects.”

Nordic’s JS-250 has four jack-up towers, one under each corner of a load. Four hydraulic cylinders raise the towers and steel “barrels” are then stacked in underneath. As the load is lifted, synchronously and in increments, the barrels are inserted automatically.

Four Enerpac JS-250 Jack-up towers in position on the rail tunnel project In preparation for the lift the four Enerpac JS-250 Jack-up towers were put in position. Photo: Nordic Crane

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