North America’s top tower crane owning companies

The ACTTowerCrane50 survey sees modest growth as projects regain momentum amid a market recovery.

As the demand for construction projects is springing back to life, tower crane companies have learned how to economize their fleets while simultaneously managing the effects of a global pandemic. Unit numbers are slightly up in 2021, and the number of employees has increased by 277 personnel which supports the mentality of infrastructure and construction resurgence.

While Covid-19 challenges are certainly not a thing of the past, the North American tower crane market has begun to adapt to the continually changing landscape. On the flip side, tower crane companies must also begin to consider the demand surge once the market returns to its pre-pandemic tenacity. While it is still unsure whether it will be a slow burn or a rapid increase, companies must consider the possibility. Will we see this in next year’s list?

Ranking analysis

American Crane & Transport’s ACTTowerCrane50 top list includes fleet information from tower crane companies across the United States, Canada and Mexico. While continuing to try and grow the list to include 50 tower crane owning companies, the 2021 TC 50 welcomed the addition of eight new businesses. The list has grown slightly from 2,191 units in 2020, to 2,260 in 2021, a net gain of 69 units. The ACTTowerCrane50 features 34 companies with 251 branches and 9,282 employees. Last year’s list featured 26 companies with 236 branches and 9,014 employees.

It is also important to note that the ACTTowerCrane50 list continues to be affected by mergers and acquisitions, just like our ACt100 list of top crane-owning companies.  

Morrow Equipment maintains the coveted Number 1 spot in our rankings. The company saw a slight decrease from last year’s 571 tower cranes to this year’s 566 units. Morrow owns 141 more tower cranes than the Number 2 firm, Maxim Crane Works. 

At Number 2, Maxim Crane Works has 425 tower cranes in its fleet, clocking in with the same number of machines as this time last year. The company also has the same number of depots 61, and the same number of employees. Maxim is one of the leading North American companies capitalizing on the benefits of acquisitions across the nation.

The Number 3 company on the list still belongs to Bigge Crane & Rigging despite showing a fall in units, recording 135 tower cranes versus 215 in 2020. P&J Arcomet has continued to maintain their Number 4 spot with the same number of tower cranes as the previous year at 116 machines. With 116 tower cranes in its fleet, an increase of 9 units. Rounding out the top 5 companies is ALL Family of Companies with 96 tower cranes, down one unit from last year but still maintaining their Number 5 spot.

2021 newcomers

First time participant Lewis Crane and Hoist broke the top 10 ranking with 50 tower cranes in their fleet. Reliable Crane Service has 31 tower cranes in its fleet and boasts a lifting capacity of 66 metric tons with a Wolffkran 1205B. Just below is Bronson Crane with 30. Ontario-based Capital Crane Corp. partnered with Royal Equipment and VZ Control Systems to create rental company Roycap Machinery. with 23. Finally, North American Crane & Rigging and United Crane and Rigging clock in at 14 and 28 units respectively. Select Crane is new with three tower cranes.


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